Transform yourself with yoga

There's an asana for everyone-from weight-loss yoga for the overweight ones to couch yoga for the lazy ones, and even hangover yoga for party lovers!
Transform yourself with yoga
Strala Yoga is known for its unpretentious approach. It allows people to move with a sense of calm through easy and challenging postures alike. She isn't your Aumchanting, deep breathing yogini. Stiles designed hangover-curing workouts and couch-potato-friendly yoga asanas to help people deal with lifestyle disorders. Stiles says, "Yoga isn't a spiritual thing for me, it's a practical everyday routine. The benefits of yoga are simple: less stress, more energy and confidence. It helps improve the skin and the nervous system, and makes insecurities and bad feelings disappear, which is great for relationships."

15 minutes to happiness

Yoga isn't about right rigid, inflexible rules. Just taking five minutes to stretch before getting out of bed or going into a meeting can help you feel more relaxed. Says Stiles, "In Strala yoga, there is no correct pose. Safety is the first priority as I don't want anyone to get injured. I tell people that everything in my class is optional. Just breathe. Just 15 minutes of practice a day can make a huge impact on your life. You can do 10 minutes in the morning and five minutes at night. The mantra is: just keep practicing. Movement is essential."

3 steps to do Strala Yoga

  • Start by doing yoga twice a week to get into the swing.
  • Stretch when you wake up. Twist on your way to the bathroom, or the car.
  • You can do yoga in comfortable T-shirt, tank tops, loose pants or shorts. Get your own rubber mats so that you don't slip. Practice barefoot.

Yoga to a cure hangover

Try the seated easy twist to cure a hangover. The twisting nature of the pose stimulates the liver and the kidneys and pushes the alcohol on its way out of your body. It energises the spine.

Taking it easy

Feeling great comes from having a good body. Bringing awareness to our habits, useful and non-useful, is the first step towards real transformations. For instance, being alert will help avoid any physical injury during yoga.

Stiles said people get injured because they try too hard to perfect their pose. "Move slowly. Don't bend too hard to get into a perfect pose. Being fit isn't just physical fitness but a mind-soul connection. "Indulging in non-productive thinking is harmful. Meditation is a lifestyle, not just something you do on the mat."

5 mistakes yoga beginners make

  • Don't be hard on yourself. Take time to connect with your body.
  • A perfect pose for somebody else, may not be the perfect one for you. Find your comfy position.
  • Don't get carried away with extreme diets. Find out what works for you - vegetarian or a meaty diet.
  • Don't think too much about flexibility. Don't push your muscles too hard. Go easy.
  • Don't change your life drastically. Make slow changes with meditation. Continuity is the key.

Getting real about weight loss

Overeating is caused by stress, emotions and greed. And that's the reason for gaining weight. We can always choose how much and what to eat. "one basic rule that works for me is finding great, fresh ingredients and produce. I try to discover exciting combinations with fruits, veggies and grains. Yoga aids weight loss by controlling our cravings and helping us make healthier eating choices. Start your day with a green smoothie with bananas, spinach and almond milk. Munch on organic dark greens, fresh fruit juices, and nuts. Don't drink too much champagne. Foods like chocolate and fried trigger a negative thought pattern. Eat better to feel better. If I eat right, have pleasant interactions with people, I look good too at the end of the day."
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