Amazing Health Benefits of Yogurt

Amazing Health Benefits of Yogurt
Yogurt is considered a healthful choice of snack as it can be packed with nutrients like protein, vitamins, probiotics, and more. The exceptions, of course, are mostly to do with lactose intolerance and high sugar content.

Most people recommend Greek yogurt among all varieties. Rather than added sugar, people can also consider flavoring the product themselves by using fresh fruit. Once you've got this right, here are some of the benefits noted by health experts and studies.
Amazing Health Benefits of Yogurt
1. Stronger Bones
2. Immunity Boost
3. Weight Management
4. Better Heart Health
5. Enhance Complexion
6. Prevents Hypertension
7. Nourishes Hair
8. Aids in Proper Digestion
9. Regulates Cholesterol Levels
10. Provides Omega-3 for  Vegetarians
11. Helps Prevent Yeast Infections
12. Promotes Better Mood

While yogurt offers a great deal of benefits, it may not be suitable for everyone. Individuals with lactose intolerance must be cautions as it may bring a few complications. Also, be wary of sweetened conventional yogurts. These commercialized yogurts have added sugars and colorants to mimic certain fruit flavors. It is best to avoid such types and opt for yogurt derived from grass fed cows.

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